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bob手机网页版登录材料科学与工程研究院《材料科学论坛》学术报告:Materials approaches to superconductivity in infinite layer nickelate family


报告题目:Materials approaches to superconductivity in infinite layer nickelate family

报告人:李丹枫博士   香港城市大学物理系助理教授

报告时间:2022/09/27 15:00-16:30





The discovery of superconductivity in infinite-layer nickelates has engendered reviving interest in the study of a cuprate-analog system [1,2]. Notably, superconducting nickelates display signatures of intriguing similarities and distinctions to the cuprates in their phase diagrams, antiferromagnetic interactions, rare-earth dependence, superconducting anisotropy, etc. Despite exciting discoveries and progress, partially owing to the non-trivial challenges in materials synthesis and their thin-film nature, experimental demonstration of the intrinsic properties of this materials family has still been limited [3,4]. In this talk, I will present our latest developments in materials synthetic approaches to the materials system and probing their electronic structure/properties, in a broader context of the unusual role that rare-earth elements and chemical environment play. Our approach provides broad new opportunities to create new quantum materials systems in previously inaccessible ways.


李丹枫博士,香港城市大学物理系助理教授。李博士本科毕业于浙江大学材料科学与工程专业,随后获得香港理工大学应用物理系研究型硕士学位(师从戴吉岩教授),2016年获得瑞士日内瓦大学量子物理系博士学位(师从Jean-Marc Triscone教授)。 2017年2月受瑞士国家自然科学基金资助,加入美国斯坦福大学从事博士后研究(合作导师Harold Hwang教授)。 2020年11月加入城大物理系。主要从事新型氧化物电子薄膜制备、原子尺度异质结外延生长、低维超导体系及界面新奇物理性质等相关研究。近年来在Nature、Science、Nature Materials、Nature Physics、Physical Review Letters、Nature Communications等学术期刊发表多篇重要论文。 2019年,他与Hwang教授领导的研究小组在世界上首次发现镍氧化物超导材料,解决了困扰超导学界超过三十年的难题,引起很大反响。因为此项发现,李博士入选2021年度麻省理工科技评论35岁以下创新者35人(中国)榜单。

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